Children’s Books

I’m excited to announce that my debut picture book will be published in 2024 by Affirm Press!

See my astonishment as I read the email offer on camera.

For a sneak peek into my publishing journey and my debut picture book, check out my profile piece on the Australian Writers’ Centre blog:

I can’t wait to share more details. Please follow me on Instagram for updates!

And while we wait, here are some things that readers have had to say about my stories:

“This is such a beautiful, sad and heartwarming story.”

2022 CYA Competition judge on my picture book, Missing Pip

“I loved Bernie’s Boxes and would certainly purchase it if I came across it online or in a bookstore.”

2022 CYA Competition judge on my picture book, Bernie’s Boxes

“What a hoot, your story sounds like deliciously funny, commercial junior fiction.”

2021 Pitch It! judge on the pitch for my junior fiction book, The Hairy Surprise

“You’ve written a beautiful story showing the wonderful places that a child’s imagination can take them.”

2021 CYA Competition judge on my picture book, Swing Me to the Moon